What is a counter tenor singer

A countertenor (also contra tenor) is a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range is equivalent to that of the female contralto or mezzo-soprano. Iestyn Davies is one of today's most in-demand singers. And unusually for a top opera star, he's a countertenor. We spoke to him about his. The countertenor should be seen as the most fearless, innovative and daring Here's the last ever castrati singer (and the only one to make a.

So that means that the highest is countertenor? But I thought tenor and countertenor has the same range. And the difference is, tenors are singers who sing more. I recently had a letter from a teacher who had begun to teach a counter tenor. Her concerned questions were quite valid. The singer was basically singing. In a way, that means a counter tenor is somebody who strengthens their falsetto voice to the point where it is their 'natural' singing voice.”.

Are you a male singer wondering about falsetto. Find out what falsetto is, how to use it, and whether you're really a countertenor or a falsettist. He jokes that countertenors are “the Formula One falsettists: they sing the entire time in that part of their voices.” In pop, à la Barry Gibb.