What is context sensitivity

Context-sensitive is an adjective meaning "depending on context" or "depending on circumstances". It may refer to: Context-sensitive meaning, where meaning. Definition of context sensitivity: Ability of a computer 'Help' program to provide clarification or suggestions on the basis of the user's position in the application. It uses context-sensitive filtering technology to determine whether a message is offensive and prompts people to reconsider their actions. Times, Sunday Times.

Context-free grammars contain only rules that are not specified for particular contexts, whereas context-sensitive grammars can have rules that. Refers to a program feature that changes depending on what you are doing in the program. For example, context-sensitive help provides documentation for the . Definition of CONTEXT SENSITIVITY: 1. how a help program can assist the user in their use of a program. 2. how the management gets results based on history.

Where α and β are strings of non-terminals and terminals. Context-sensitive grammars are more powerful than context-free grammars because there are some. (computing, philosophy) Sensitive to context; exhibiting different behaviour Right-click anywhere in the document window, and a context-sensitive menu. The Context-Sensitivity of Knowledge. Attributions. PATRICk RYSIEw. The University of British Columbia. 1. Introduction. Much has been made in recent years of.