What is left occiput anterior

The Left Occiput Anterior position has the reputation as the best fetal position. Actually, LOA is just one of the best positions to help the baby be in the smallest. In Right Occiput Anterior (ROA), the back of the baby is more on the mother's right side than on her left side. In other words, The back is to the mother's right, and. The OP position (occiput posterior fetal position) is when the back of baby's head is . These effects are in comparison to a baby in the left occiput anterior or left.

The Left Occiput Anterior (LOA) position is the most common in labor. It general represents no problems or additional pain during labor or birth. A cephalic presentation or head presentation or head-first presentation is a situation at The position is usually "Left Occiput Anterior", or LOA. Occasionally, the. So for example, if your baby's fetal position is left occiput posterior, with mama's left side and isn't angled toward her front (anterior) or back.

When the occiput is on the mother's left side and the baby's back is closest to LOA: Left Occiput Anterior: Occiput on the left side of the pelvis. SimMom - Occiput Anterior. Laerdal Medical AS. Loading Unsubscribe from Laerdal Medical AS? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Anterior Fontanel · Posterior Fontanel · Occiput Anterior · Left Occiput Anterior · Right Occiput Anterior · Occiput Transverse · Occiput Posterior · Breech Positions. left) and his or her back is directly to the opposite side. The baby in the anterior picture above is almost left occiput transverse - keep reading for more on what.