What is smoking crack like

Originally Answered: What does it feel like to smoke crack? It is a rush of euphoria. The experience is strongly similar to snorting powder cocaine but faster in the. This Journalist Smoked Crack So He Could Write This Article (If you want to know where to buy crack, just tune in to shows like “Geraldo” or. When the high wears off, the user feels a need to smoke more crack because crack addiction will prioritize drug use over responsibilities like.

“Things came to a head for me when I'd been smoking constantly for a couple of weeks. One day I just decided I'd had enough—I couldn't live like this anymore. Understand what does crack feel like. Learn how to recognize all the signs, symptoms and features of a crack high. Recognise the general effects of the drug . It's like it's leaving my body now." The year-old has been using crack cocaine on and off for the past ten years, but hasn't smoked it for a few.

That time was often called the crack epidemic, and it hit places like New York and Los Since crack is smoked, the effects of taking it occur almost instantly. Crack smokers are like the CIA agents of drug abusers. The ones who really smoke crack are nearly indistinguishable from the general. To kiss the crack pipe fills one with awesomeness. Its like falling in love. The last time I smoked crack was amazing. A nice rock all to myself. Due in part to the unpredictability of the drug's contents, the effects of smoking crack can vary from person to person. Crack's effects are both physical and.