What is super tuesdays

In the United States, Super Tuesday, in general, refers informally to one or more Tuesdays early in a United States presidential primary season when the. Viewers watch primary results on TV at a Super Tuesday watch party held at a bar in Arlington, Virginia, in It's the second-most important Tuesday in the American political process: It's Super Tuesday, the day when nearly half the states in the union hold political primaries. Super Tuesday refers to the date in the U.S. presidential primary process when the greatest number of states hold their contests.

Super Tuesday is the term used to refer to the date on which the greatest number of states hold primary voting for the United States Presidential Election. Super. Super Tuesday is among the most significant days in the run up to America's presidential election. No other day sees more primary elections. Many American sports fans look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. But Americans who follow politics wait for “Super Tuesday.” What is Super.

Super Tuesday is the biggest one-day nominating contest in the primary season. But don't tune out of the presidential race after that. Some political watchers. From Massachusetts to Wyoming to Texas, more than a dozen states are expected to hold presidential contests on March 1, known as Super. Voters in eight states go to the polls Tuesday for the biggest single primary day of But the main event on this super Tuesday is in. You've heard about Super Tuesday, increasingly so in the past couple of weeks, but just what happens on that day and why is it important?.