What is the heat of fusion equation

This process is better known as melting, or heat of fusion, and The equation for determining the enthalpy of fusion (\(ΔH\)) is listed below. Heat of Fusion Formula. When a solid substance turns into a liquid substance it is known as melting. The melting process requires an increase in energy to allow. The molar heat of fusion is an important part of energy calculations since it tells you how much energy is needed to melt each mole of substance on hand.

The enthalpy of fusion of a substance, also known as (latent) heat of fusion, is the change in its enthalpy resulting from providing energy, typically heat, to a. It takes a lot of energy to melt ice into water. The heat of fusion equation can tell you exactly how much energy you need. Atomic Imagery / Getty. Heat of Fusion Formula. Heat of fusion of a substance is the change in its enthalpy by providing energy, typically heat, to a specific quantity of the substance to.

Heat gained by ice equals the heat lost by the water. Heat of Fusion Formula is mathematically expressed as. Heat of Fusion is expressed as Hf and given as. You will then determine the molar heat of fusion for ice (in kJ/mol). Use the equation given in the introduction of this experiment to calculate the energy (in. For example, it obviously takes heat to melt an ice cube, but if you measure the Substitute the values of mass and heat of fusion into the equation above.