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The California gull, Larus californicus, was selected as the state bird of Utah by an act of the legislature in (Utah Code). Note: The state bird is the California gull, however Utah Code generically lists it as the sea gull. The Seagull Monument on Temple Square in Salt Lake. California gulls on a rooftop on Antelope Island, Utah in ; photo by Shengzhi Li from Wikpedia (use permitted with attribution / share alike). The Sea Gull Monument in Salt Lake City honors the gull, who saved the people of Utah by consuming the Rocky Mountain crickets which. Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Utah - places to see in Utah - landmarks, California gulls on Antelope Island, Utah. State Bird · California Gull .

The California gull is the state bird of Utah. This list of birds of Utah includes species documented in the U.S. state of Utah and accepted by. Utah birds consist of over species, and can be spotted year-round. Learn more about birds of Utah by area. Sort of strange to name the California gull (aka seagull) the state bird of Utah, both because of its non-local name and because it's a pretty common, plain and.

Welcome to Utah Birds! Christmas Bird Count Schedule for Utah accepted, making the Blue-footed Booby the th alzalia.com Utah's bird checklist. The “California Seagull” became the Official State Bird of Utah AKA California gull; includes calls, video & info about history, habitat, diet & more. For a relatively common bird, often found among the golden waves of Utah's agricultural grasslands, the ring-necked pheasant had so far eluded me at every . For 20 years, bird lovers from all corners have flocked to Northern Utah for the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival. And for 20 years, Arnold Smith has.