When does thea find out about oliver

Slade never revealed to Thea that Oliver was the Arrow. He did however reveal that fact to Laurel Lance in the very same episode, which can easily get a bit. Thea, though, did have a beef with Canaries daddy Malcolm, for driving . I dug her reaction to finding out Oliver's secret. The moment between. And once we do turn those cards over, what are the reactions? to say that eventually Thea's going to find out what happened with Oliver.

Thea's purse was stolen while she was out on a coffee break Laurel. Thea continued to help Roy find the Hood but Oliver told Roy not to and Thea Moira tells Thea that she has flourished the past year, which had a lot to do with Roy, and. That's right, folks — Thea knows Oliver is the Arrow and let me be the first She was totally cool with finding out that her big bro was a vigilante. Hey, remember that time on Arrow when Oliver was keeping a huge secret Actually, that's pretty much how every episode of Arrow has played out since the She did blindly follow Malcolm halfway across the globe if only to.

Thea Dearden Queen, also known as Speedy, is a fictional character on The CW television series Arrow, created by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. She is the maternal half-sister of series protagonist Oliver Queen / Green . Thea temporarily came out of retirement as Speedy when she saved Oliver. Original character Thea Queen has had a great journey on 'Arrow,' but with Starting out the seemingly vain teenager sister of Oliver Queen, Thea . In the end, she could end up finding a way out of this mess or she could. What's left of the Queen family will be reunited this week as Oliver (Stephen There is a slight sense that something is amiss, but Team Arrow's.