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The recurring slogan "Who Watches the Watchmen?" is most often seen as graffiti throughout the story. After the last chapter of the graphic novel is finished, the slogan appears translated into Latin: "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes." In the final chapter of Watchmen, following the. Watchmen is a science fiction American comic book limited series by the British creative team Watchmen, created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, first appeared in the Absolute Watchmen included the Graphitti materials, as well as restored and .. 'They're watching out for us, who's watching out for them?. Having seen the “Who watches the watchmen? even on the back of a truck, we doubt that the writers received permission to put the work up.

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Pessimal: Ah, but who watches you, Your Grace? Internal Affairs is a division within the main group whose specific purpose is indeed to watch the watchmen. Free shipping. Who Watches The Watchmen Quote Graffiti Poster 12x18 Free shipping. Kitty Stardust Cat Ziggy Stardust Graffiti Art Print Poster 24x36 inch. 5) I would agree that Watchmen suggests the death of superher0o drama 11) I believe the Graffiti artists tattoo the question “who watches the.