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Ghastly Game Glitches. whoisthisgit; 18 videos; , views; Last updated on Dec 16, Play all Ghastly Game Glitches Extra # 1. by whoisthisgit. WHY DIDN'T IT LEVEL UP?! (+other silly questions) For more info, read below. 1. Bidoof does not gain experience because I used a cheat to prevent him from. Glitches Get Stitches: Pokemon Red and Blue (Generation 1) - Aaronitmar Aaronitmar . the classic Nintendo Game Boy titles, Pokemon Red and Blue (all info courtesy of Bulbapedia and my memory.) . Ghastly Game Glitches # 9 whoisthisgit.

The sad fact of the matter is, no matter how much you want a game to be % balanced and fair for every character available, there are always going to be. Ghastly Game Glitches # 12 ยท whoisthisgit 4 years ago I feel like a cheat by showing more messed up crap from a hack of a Pokemon game, but. Chris Grant, a member of the charity speedrun organization Game Done Quick team, stopped by IGN to show us awesome glitch speedrun in the first Pokemon.

Sure it's more like a glitch exhibition, but the point is still beat the game. To that end here are the rules: 1) Beat the game 2) Only use Magikarp to beat all 8 Gyms .