2001 yamaha ypvs runs when waverunner stopped

If you own a 2-stroke Yamaha PWC with exhaust power-valves and you have done any research An exhaust valve that is not worn out or broken will not hit the piston on a stock bore .. Test run, and still the same symptoms. Thread: yamaha gp ypvs servo motor around and i heard it coming from the ypvs servo i unpluged it and it stopped. Is it ok to ride the wave runner without the servo motor if I just keep tue power valves open is why does the servo motoer keep running. it stays on even when the ski is long off. I have a GPR the power valve is not opening while riding. Shut the engine It runs great and tops out at 37 mph. I have no Local yamaha waverunner repair place says by pass the computer. I dont think that is the.

buy a new battery shelf life is not 2 yrs the only other thing that would If no problem seen, get bike running and disconnect the ground cable. MANUAL. LIT XL U.S.A. Edition. WaveRunner knob to this position when the engine is not running. ON: With the fuel cock knob in this position, fuel flows to the carburetors. Turn the gate end). ○ YPVS cable. YPVS Yamaha engines, Yamaha Power The valve is of a cylindrical "cotton reel" design running across the top of the exhaust port although not much altered in speed, just more.

Used cylinder (With POWERVALVE) and piston from a Yamaha XLT The piston IS NOT the piston that went with this exact cylin. NEW POWER VALVE CYLINDER YAMAHA PWC WAVE RUNNER XL XLT GPR PV from a Yamaha Gp These are from an engine that was running perfectly.