Does asha 205 have whatsapp

i bought an Asha only to find out my device does not surpport whatsapp at the Upon checking our Store, your phone does not support the said application . This means support for dual SIM phones is happening very soon. Just be patient. If you have a Nokia running Windows Operating system: Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha Chat Edition, Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha

But the only problem is how to update it because moreI want to know how to get whatsapp in Nokia asha Rating0 |; Reply; Report. A. Aahil; U{d; 04 Oct. Thabo daddy d, 20 Nov I ned nokia asha does not download please i need to know why all asha wont support whatsapp anymore by 1st. how to install whatsapp messenger to my phone Nokia asha ?? Rating0 | Ninja, 20 Mar My Nokia is not sending messages but its receivng,how can i fix this problem? To download whatsapp u have to go for uc browser.

Select ur device i the last of page. & search keyword, whatsapp. Then u'll get whatsapp for ur device. I did it for 2 time, it works U should try. Rating0 |; Reply. Lot's of people have been in search of ways to install a working version of whatsapp on their Nokia Asha phones, and guess what, there is a work around to get.