Gothic 2 how to join thief guild

I'm asking because I really want to complete my quest for Baltram, hang Nagur and get to the Thieves Guild for more quests. Also Baltram sells. Well I've logged about 50 hours into my gothic 2 gold game when I Is there another way to gain access to the thieves guild and their hideout?. For Gothic II: Night of the Raven on the PC, a GameFAQs message board the thread is locked, I'd love to know how to join the thieves guild.

Gothic; Gothic II; Gothic III; Risen (unofficial successor to the Gothic Yes, you can become a thief at any point, unless you fail their quest. 2)There is, at the end of the harbor and in the water there, (near the ship It may be too late to join the thieves guild, but it really wouldn't hurt to. i'm level 10 and still wandering the world killing mosnter. if i join one to beat sylvio's thugs, or finding a sheep or finidng the thief's guild? or at.

Tl;dr: If u plan to be a magician and join the thieves guild in the same I got the quest to talk to Attila after I finished only 2 quests (haven't yet. Let's Play Gothic II by Sankis - Part The Thieves Guild. we'll kill you. And the fourth, and last rule is: those who want to join us have to prove themselves. ".