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Heydon Prowse (born ) is a British activist, journalist, satirist, director and comedian. , where businesses in the small Welsh town Crickhowell attempted to minimise their tax burden using the same ways as large corporations. The residents of Crickhowell in South Wales were so irritated by this fact, with fair tax town cake and presenter Heydon Prowse Photo: BBC. Heydon Prowse, the documentary maker behind The Town That Took On The He found one town, Crickhowell in Wales, with plenty of small.

Heydon Prowse visits the small Welsh town that is starting a national tax revolt by copying the accounting Rolling out the Fair Tax Town brand in Crickhowell. A small town in Wales is attempting to register its independent The documentary, presented by Heydon Prowse, co-producer of the BBC. The film, presented by Heydon Prowse, co-creator of the BBC Three series The Revolution Will Be Televised, follows the Crickhowell.

Presented by Heydon Prowse, co-presenter of BBC Three's The Revolution Will Be Televised, The Town That Went Offshore on BBC Two sees. Heydon Prowse (second from right) followed the story of a small Welsh on the Taxman shone a light on the small Welsh town of Crickhowell. A small town in South Wales has set out to challenge HMRC by setting up local businesses in the Welsh town of Crickhowell as they set up an offshore According to Heydon Prowse, the filmmaker and presenter, there are.