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Computer animation makes possible many things that could not be done with traditional animation. Learn about this fast-growing field from HowStuffWorks. The Computer-Animation Process - While computers assist greatly with animation and the filmmakers can start to see how the scenes will work visually . In 2-D animation, the Web designer decides what you see, just as animators decide what you see How Stuff Works has featured a few 3-D models of this sort.

Web animation is one of the defining characteristics of the Web and also separates the Web from books. Learn all about how it works!. How Animation Software Works. Computer animation is commonplace now, so much so that you may think human animators are a thing of the past. But rest. Cartoons are fun and entertaining to behold, but they're also a lot of work to create. Making an animation requires producing a series of images that change.

landscapes can depict scenes impossible in the real world. Learn more about computer generated landscapes inside. How Computer Animation Works. The goal of animation isn't just to move stuff around on a screen. an animator goes with old-school physical methods or computer software, the work is still all. In , MIT Ph.D. student Ivan Sutherland gained temporary access to an old TX -2 computer. The TX-2 was a giant multitasking mainframe created in the. 3-D graphics are essential to realistic computer games, simulators and objects. Find out how the 3-D graphics that are found in games are made.