How to calculate pitocin flow rate

Pitocin dosage samples by Trish Law - December 6, Susan Regalia Midpoint Formula. by avatar Susan Regalia Slope of a Line. Accurate control of the rate of infusion is essential and is best accomplished by an infusion pump. It is convenient to piggyback the Pitocin infusion on a. What is the rate of flow in mL/h for the initial dose of Pitocin? The drop factor is 60mcgtt/mL. Calculate the flow rate in mcgtt/min. 2. The Pitocin is.

My professor was not quite clear on the instuctions of how to calculate the pitocin. pitocin per minute. the ns ml has 10 units of pitocin. what is your iv rate. OK, fellow RN's, I need your help. I have been running pitocin for 18 years and now when I try to calculate it, I can't find the right formula to make it work. The patient is to receive Pitocin (oxytocin) at a rate of 8 milliunits per minute. The IV contains 10 units Determine the flow rate if the set calibration is 60 gtt/mL.