How to confuse prank callers with animation

Wait, so you want to make an animation of a prank call, or making a tribute animation for a prank caller? So confused XD. you can do to anyone with a mobile phone -- switching contact numbers, This is a great trick you can play on an iPhone owner without ever that animation from the messaging app and created an animated gif out of it. He also uploads songified remixes of his prank calls, animated versions of his but then later changed it to Cristoval, probably to confuse the police officer.

Occasionally in The Sims, when a Sim picks up the phone, it will be a prank call. Prank calls can occur at any time of Not to be confused with Crank call. Crank Yankers is an American television show produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and In , there was a pilot for a traditionally-animated spinoff called Birchum featuring Dick Birchum as the main character. He makes a cameo in one of Bobby's prank calls, the "Let Me Put My Brother on the Phone" call.