How to make chainmail from can tabs

How to Create Chainmail from Pop Tabs. Although you can purchase chainmail from a dive or sporting good store, why not put all those empty soda cans to. Genuine Chainmaille From Pop Tabs: Constructing a genuine European 4 in 1 chainmaille weave using only pop out this is very easy and makes a. Ways to weave soda can tabs - soda tab chainmaille shirt - pop tab costume - # sodatab. Step 0: Wired Pop/Pull/Soda Tab ChainMaille Can Tab Crafts, Diy.

Chainmail Armor From Soda Can Tabs Chainmail Armor, Pop Can Tabs, Can Tab .. Diy soda tab corset tutorial - would be cute designed as a "chain-mail. Fun way to recycle!. Your supplies. Make your cut. Should have a little cut on it. Bend over your surface, I used bricks or you could use needle nose pliers!. For the past year I have been collecting pop tabs. Thousands of them. The reason? I am slowly making my first cosplay and I need chain mail to.