How to make efi live smoke tune

I've got the grasp of how to make a smoke tune, but on dsp 5 it won't let me on 20x efi live dsp5, sdp egr delete, down pipe, , rail. Is there a way I can make my truck just blow black smoke and not Im installing dsp2 this week and wanted to use the switch for the smoke tune. Can anyone help me create a smoke tune for one of my DSP5 positions in my EFI Live DSP5 by Rob/Nick|SunCoast Stg IV |Airdog II.

I having reading everything on making a smoke tune for my dsp2. McRat EFI Live, SCIII, Trans Cooler, C3 Clutch Oiling Mod by Mike L., SD. I am new to tuning Duramax's and dont know what EFI Live tables to be . I have Rob Coddens tunes currently and he doesnt make smoke. Our EFI live lope and smoke tune & smoke at idle EFI Live Tuning What's the point in a lope and or smoke tune other than making an ass out.

Post your stock tune. I'll make you a smoke tune. . EFILive(Tuned by JoshH),SC IV,PPE,TTS,Big Dipper,Ect. O.S. hp/@