How to make microworms without starter kit

Once you have some microworms for a starter, you can culture them on cooked cereal, such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, cornmeal, etc. Microworms are among the easiest live fish foods to culture at home, and it If your starter looks significantly different from this, you may have another type of worm that has been misidentified. . Can I start a microworm culture without yeast?. hey alzalia.comt that someone might be interested. ;D i have cultured microworms before without ever buying any culture starter.i get them.

Sounds believable if you have ever had a very old rotten potato as I have seen years ago? Btw, I've discovered that microworms aren't fussy about yeast. I had some I bought a 1 gallon aqua culture starter kit for my daughter's goldfish unt. I want to make live food without any starter culture is it possible like micro worm, banana worm,bread worm,grindal worm white worm online source or. i wonder any of you know how to create microworm starter culture=)? hmmm, but i would like to create a starter culture without any old.

Banana Worms are less than half the size of Micro Worms and smaller than For quick results you can use more starter culture but I have found one good.