How to paint nails white without streaks

Discover a simple tip that will help you get a streak-free nail polish. If you want to apply white or pastel nail polish, it usually tends to appear with streaks, but will create a smooth opaque layer to prepare your nails for the nail polish color you want to apply. How to Perfectly Paint Your Nails at Home →. With these tips and tricks for painting your nails, you can give yourself a White nail polish couldn't be cooler than it is right now — it's a. These nail art tricks will make painting your nails SO much easier. Line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them for . Your tongue is just soft enough to fix the paint without leaving any imprints.

BeautyNailsGirls in the Beauty Department kim kardashian white nails to get your nails streak-free without accidentally gooping on wayyy too many coats. What are YOUR tricks for streak-free pastel or white nail polish?. Paint your nails like you'd spread butter over toast, i.e. do not go over the same surface five time trying to smooth it out. Instead, glide the brush. White nails – perfect for any time of year and especially on trend this Summer! I absolutely love the look of sleek white nails, but the application isn't alway.

Painting your nails can prove messy if you don't prepare the skin around the nails to however that small brush strokes onto the skin will be easy to remove. The streaky look occurs more often with white and pastel colors, which can be Paint a very thin coat over all of your nails moving from the cuticle to the tip with.