How to put together keychain geared heart

Summary; Instructions Working Micro Gear Heart Keychain by CrazyJaw is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. Easy to print and put together with the new fixed pins for PLA. Don't have a 3D Printer. No Problem! Buy One Today at http://www.3dprintplan. Keychain loop's position changed to be on top of the heart so that you the pins to be smaller in diameter so that it could be easily assembled.

It's similar to the large heart instructions. Basically, the small gears go on the small faces of the center, and the big gears to the big faces. Beyond that, it comes . Summary; Instructions Working Micro Gear Heart Keychain License. Keyed Heart Gears Keychain by cymon is licensed under the Creative. "You're the gear on the left and I'm the gear on the right, and the gear at the print Gear Bearing, his Heart Gears (which takes a while to print and put together) .