How to reel in a big fish

How to Reel in a Large Fish. Reeling in a large fish can be very hard. Large fish include carp,catfish,and bass in fresh water and is salt water they are wahoo. Reel steadily if you can and let the fish tire. damage to your gear and your hands after you land big fish – as treble hooks from a thrashing fish have a tendency. Reeling in little pan fish is pretty simple: keep the tip up and reel away. If you lose it, you can probably catch another one soon. Large fish.

Here are five steps to help you hook into your next big fish: delay gratification and simultaneously improve your skills in order to reel them in. The first sign that you've hooked a big one is the sound the reel makes when it speeds into reverse, taking line off your fishing reel while you are holding it tightly . The first time I had a fish on my line, my heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. When its you As soon as you feel you have a fish on the line, reel in the slack and set the hook. During the weekend, I lost 2 big fishes. In both.

Learn to use your tackle properly and you can catch big fish to your the drag slipped and kept moving, taking a few feet of line off the reel.