How to say school festival in japanese

Cultural festivals (文化祭, bunkasai) in Japan are annual open day events held by most schools, from nursery schools to universities at which their students. Learn the Japanese words for knowing the Japanese school cultural festivals. Learn new words and translations in this FREE JapanesePod lesson. Get to know the various Japanese festivals and events that native Japanese celebrate, especially 入学式, にゅうがくしき, nyuugaku shiki, School Entrance Ceremony I would like to say thank you for this program let me knew about Japaness.

年10月6日 So today we'll learn about school related Japanese vocabulary. . So you say or you write in a document 教師 (= kyoushi) instead of 先生 for your . 大学祭 (= daigaku sai)(学祭 =gakusai)school festivals in university. Bunkasai: Japanese School Festival. Shout with Joy! I would say that the bunkasai is the equivalent to a high school homecoming. As well as. and can you tell me in senior high school, when is the cultural festival and the 2nd year school trip being held? lastly, when does the National.

The School Festival trope as used in popular culture. place during the school's annual cultural festival (an important part of the Japanese Education System).