How to shoot fashion underwater photographer

By Aaron Wong. There is something mesmerizing about the way models and fabric move underwater that makes it a dream to photograph. I have done so for. I'll admit though, starting out in underwater photography was pretty intimidating. I couldn't afford my own housing, so I built my own, and it. Techniques and insights from a professional fashion and mermaid photographer!.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot underwater in L.A. recently. It was a very wonderful learning experience and so I wanted to. Jun 21, Stunning underwater fashion photography by leading photographers around the world. Beautiful models, amazing colors and creative poses. What do you love to photograph? My specialty is underwater fashion photography and commercial photography. I love underwater world and I.

Even if you have never shot pictures underwater before, I bet it has crossed your mind. I know I've tried it a few times and failed miserably. It's easy to see why many photographers are drawn to underwater fashion photography. The water surface can easily been used as a mirror. Photographer Ken Kiefer specializes in underwater fashion photography. He talks to us about how difficult it really is. Michael David Adams is a New York-based photographer, and one of his specialities is Underwater Fashion Photography. He travels all.