How to sync misfit flash to iphone

Default Description. iOS +. Android +. Key Features: Smartphone app to log and store information about your activity and sleep. Tracks steps, distance, calories, weight, food. Make sure you've installed the battery correctly and check by double tapping on Shine/Shine 2/Ray or pressing on Flash. If the lights show up, you're good.

What's the difference between Misfit fitness trackers? What does How do I pair my Hybrid smartwatch to my phone? My Flash won't light up when I press. How to Set up the Misfit Ray with Your Apple iPhone 6s. data, use a graph based view for your daily activity, or swipe from the right to sync the App with the Ray. Misfit Flash and Shine2 at Best Buy but No Misfit Ray. Check out the troubleshooting steps under "WHY CAN'T I PAIR MY FLASH TO MY PHONE?" Already using it for a while and now it will not sync.

Download Misfit and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. including Misfit Vapor, Command, Path, Phase, Ray, Shine 2, Flash, and Shine. .. The app won't sync consistently and when it does, sometimes your progress is reduced. I received this reply from Tammy at the Misfit Support Team when I asked if I could set the sleep tracker feature manually Thank you for contacting us. Flash .