How to use feedback truing stand

Feedback Sports Wheel Truing Station (Red): Sports & Outdoors What did you think of it?. The Pro Truing Stand includes the bench mount and is made from sturdy red anodized aluminum from Feedback Sports. Use the lightweight upper portion as a truing attachment on all Feedback Sports Repair Stands or use as a free standing unit with the cast metal.

Fortunately, the disc rotor truing slot is included with the stand and is extremely easy to use. It mimics the space available between brake pads. Feedback Truing Station - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from I build wheels using the park tool ts2 truing stand on a daily basis as part of my job . Feedback Sports ▷ The Pro Truing Stand allows the truing of wheels up to 29” wheels without removing the tire and the truing of brake discs. ▷ Model: red.