How to use world portal plug-ins bukkit

World Portal is a really useful and simple to use plugin to make portals in your server. Players could use the portals to teleport to another location or even to. Think in World Portals as small Nether Portals that can set names activate it by setting portal base on fire with flint-and-steel. First choose the Portal destination and set it using "/wpdc [name]". This command will set the destination to your current location, world AND angle of view.

WorldPos installed,; Multiverse,; Multiverse portals (most portal plugins will true , the plugin finds the player's last location in that world and redirects them there. In order for you to use the plugin, the server must be changed to the modification Craftbukkit or Spigot. You can read. Advanced Portals is a new portal plugin for bukkit made by sekwah41, Video on how to use portals by BashBR (portuguese) This is a great plugin that works if you'd like to add in any custom portals to your world. I'd love.

World Portals takes over all portal and other-world generation, In the command console, type /wp create; Right click on a sign and type. Basic plugins are ones where you do not have to configure; just install and its To set your server to use CraftBukkit/Spigot, go to your server management to use a different version: