I want to know how love feels

[Outro] I wanna know what love is (Let's talk about love) I want you can show me ( I wanna feel) I wanna feel what love is (And I know, and I know) I know you can. Some have been in love often and know the feeling well, and others may So if you're getting a tattoo, you may want to keep a photo of your. When you're in love you feel complete and at loss of words half the time your life you want to text them at 2 midnight just to say i love you cause you feel like it.

Because most of “the signs” they tell you are garbage Don't think it's not love just because sometimes you want space. Because everyone thinks they're in love when it's clear skies and calm waters, but watch them when. If you ask someone to describe what being in love feels like, they will describe something that sounds like sexual passion and desire tinged with obsession. I gotta take a little time. A little time to think things over. I better read between the lines. In case I need it when I'm older. Now this mountain I must climb. Feels like.

Hold me in your arms and tell me you love me, but also mean it. Don't say it when we're entangled between the sheets in my bed together. Maybe you like how I look or how I make you feel. The things you are embarrassed about and don't want anyone to know. Imagine messing.