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It's McDonald's Monopoly season, but you have a better chance at winning the lottery than most of these View More on Instagram Below is a list of all the pieces, what prizes they win and which ones are rare (in bold). McDonald's Monopoly competition is back this month offering a chance to win expensive prizes, all for the price of a Big Mac. Given you could. The rare collectible pieces that dictate the odds of In , McDonald's allowed two Boardwalk pieces to be.

But there's a secret about McDonald's Monopoly you might be interested to learn. from every group are very common, while the last one is extremely rare. With just FOUR Mayfairs on offer, you may want to take a peek in last night's drunken Maccies bag for the Monopoly sticker before binning it. Another year, another massive amount of people asking for the same stickers and offering to split it 50/ McDonalds Monopoly Returns 22nd.

McDonalds Monopoly launched today, and the promotion is offering a McDonalds Monopoly: What prizes are on offer and what are rare. McDonald's Monopoly stickers selling for HUNDREDS of pounds The rarest – and most lucrative – of all stickers is Mayfair. Instagram. A MCDONALD'S Monopoly player is offering to split his £k winnings if you give him this ticket. GETTY. THE FRIES THE LIMIT: Look out for rare stickers to scoop the best prizes on McDonald's Monopoly Instagram. McDonalds Monopoly Wiiiin McDonald's Monopoly is back! Until 1 May Here's how many rare stickers are in circulation, and what you win if you collect a set. . How to find, enter and win Instagram competitions.