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On a Russian submarine, a frozen alien warrior is waking up, just as the TARDIS arrives. Cold War. Clara looks to be in trouble in the submarine. Cold War. We get the feeling Zhukov isn't admiring the Doctor's bow tie Cold War. Home · News · Sport · Weather · iPlayer · TV · Radio · CBBC · CBeebies · Food · iWonder · Bitesize · Travel · Music · Earth · Arts · Make It Digital · Taster · Local.

The Doctor takes Clara to the Festival of Offerings, but the Old God is waking. Something terrifying is hiding in Caliburn House, and the Doctor joins the ghost hunt. Cold War—Series 7 Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who: Hide. Duration: . Mankind and the Silurians teeter on the brink of all-out war.

The TARDIS has crashed, Clara is lost, and the Doctor has 30 minutes before it Cold War. On a Russian submarine, a frozen alien warrior is waking up, just as. The Day of the Doctor is now available on BBC iPlayer "The Cold War and WW2 come together in that first visitation from the Daleks," says Dr. But while the McFadden's Cold War calendar features old-school said: "I've suffered with depression and anxiety the whole of my adult life. Cold War was the eighth episode of series 7 of Doctor Who. In this story, the Doctor explains that history is full of times when all-out war can be .. In addition, "Cold War" received million requests on the online BBC iPlayer during April, .