Makeup for those who wear glasses

13 Makeup Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Your Glasses For nighttime, who woudn't want to wear a super sultry eye out with your girls? But the. "My biggest suggestion: go bolder on the eye makeup! I was so frustrated looking at pictures and trying different eye makeup things out. Life through a lens needn't be blinkered; here's how to make eyes smoulder behind your specs a la Emily Ratajkowski.

Our beauty expert provides easy makeup tips for women who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses and want to keep their style sharp. We spoke to 5 makeup artists about the best tips for letting your makeup and your frames shine. Despite what you might think about the magnifying power of your specs, you may actually need to wear more eye makeup than you normally.

If you wear glasses, it's easy to feel like you can hide behind your frames. But Bobbi Brown, the makeup guru who recently added eyewear. I love eye makeup, so when I got glasses a few years ago I was pretty bummed. I felt like a lot of my favorite eye looks would now be rendered. Makeup tips for glasses wearers, including how to make your eyes look bigger and how to get rid of red marks. Makeup artist Hannah Martin.