Minecraft how to tame a mandog

The ManDog is a neutral mob that can be tamed to become the player's pet. They have a special ability to follow a Frisbee that has been thrown by the player. Minecraft Lets Play With Mods EpMandog! views. ericdoolin Minecraft Published on Dec 4, We tamed a man dog!!! MORE. 3 1. Subscribe. Put two tamed dogs near a torch or fire and feed them both a cookie. . seriously! i like your mod but i will NOT download it my minecraft.

Man Dog is coming to the next version! Not Tamed: Tamed: When you throw it the Man Dog goes to take it and he re-gives to you!:D. Dog Minecraft mobs to download and remix created by Tynker's community. Create free Spider Man dog. by Turquoise . Tame Anime Dog. by Complete.