Playstation 3 shuts off when turned on

PlayStation 3 Slim Power Supply Replacement. Regards. . If it's not in the correct position, it will turn on, and a few seconds later, shut off. When I get into a game or when I start to load it up, the PS3 just randomly turns itself off, as if the plug was pulled out of the socket. So when I. i hate to say it but youre ps3 is dying! im on ny 3rd ps3 right now all my other would freeze shut off then a flashing red light would appear the.

Originally Answered: Why is my PS3 turning off by itself? There are many reasons why, here are a few;. There is dust in the PS3; There is to many games. So I haven't used my ps3 in close to two months. Recently I had a free weekend and wanted to fire it up. I flip the power switch and the red. PS3 System shuts down completely after 10 seconds I press the power button to switch from stand by (red light) to switched on mode.