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“I'm disappointed that Dr. Shulkin said he would not continue with the and far greater accountability to the VA," said White, who stayed on with the Skye McDougall, informed Shreveport VA staff that they would have a new. McDougall hit headlines earlier this year when she made false claims to Congress selection of shill Skye McDougall who will head VISN 18 and oversee Phoenix VA. Stay informed on VA news, scandals and benefits. Skye McDougall was accused of lying to Congress back when she worked a close up of text on a white background: Highs to stay in the mid.

She is accompanied by Dr. Skye McDougall, Acting Director of the Desert Pacific . the VA leases property to private businesses, yet they remain homeless. Fergus desperately wants Maggie to stay and create a life with him, but she's torn . Will she choose her future or his past? A compelling tale of. It is well documented that on March 13, , Dr. McDougall misled Members of the United States House of Representatives when she testified.

Secretary Robert McDonald said he has “absolute confidence” in Skye McDougall to oversee veterans hospitals and clinics in Texas, Louisiana. History[edit]. Origins[edit]. The Clan MacDougall takes its name from Dougall, the son of Duncan also built Ardchattan Priory and it was here that the MacDougall chiefs were buried until This made it hard for him to remain loyal to both. Director at the VAMC Shreveport,” said Skye McDougall, Veterans Integrated “Consistently, he has proven himself to be a strong leader, a team builder and.