Soft cup how to insert watermark

Inserting an Instead Softcup for Menstruation. 1. Wash your hands with warm water and. To use a softcup you fold it and insert it. Then you have to make sure it hooks onto your cervix! The first time I tried one of these I didn't hook it. I originally did a review on the disposable menstrual cups back in March, Before Softcup was put on the market, testing was done to see if the.

I also figured that the best position I could use to insert the cup was sitting on the commode. I also learnt to grip the cup tightly to avoid it. The Si-bell menstrual cup is made of % medical grade silicone the punch- down fold and adding a little lubricant I was able to insert it. This is my review of the Lunette menstrual cup. The insertion was amazingly easy, Lunette menstrual cup pops open very easily, without.

Get a new clean soft dish cloth and rub lightly until it becomes shiny and the 2 – Get a wet dish cloth and put a small amount of toothpaste on the cloth. How To Remove Watermarks or Cup Rings from Furniture DIY Tips.