The normal elevator what door to pick

Gavin's Story is a secret horror-like story within The Normal Elevator. The player must choose the 2nd door on the left side, in reference to the code as the last. suicide in the woods. Go to The Normal Elevator, by NowDoTheHarlemShake. Go to Go through the 2nd door on the left, thus You will now be given. The Normal Elevator is a game made by NowDoTheHarlemShake. But in Gavin's story, the door is still not opened, but its included as part of the story.

Gavin: I hope you understand which door to pick or else there will be consequences. (Laughing) -The elevator opens to the player seeing nine. An im depth look at the normal elevator 9 doors ahead if you pick the wrong door you get jump scared the right door is 2 then you figure out.