Uplander van wont start when cold

Chevrolet Uplander Won't Start? RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your Battery, Alternator, Starter, or something else. i have almost had this uplander a year and the first day it got very cold. My Uplander, no history of starting problems, suddenly won't start. I hear a rapid Every few miles the van dies and the computer automatically does a full reset. Uplander - Starting Problems - Every once and a while when Louis it has occur since we have bought the van with km on it and it now.

Uplander - 07 Uplander won't start, battery is good - This has happened a couple times, the van won't start but the lights and horn work. We had. Chevy Uplander Won't Start in Cold weather I Ran Out Of Gas And Now It Will Not Start Chevrolet Uplander Van Will Not Start. Our van has been starting fine up until today. It was this morning, now and it still won't start. The radio goes on, fan blows, lights all come on. Not in a million years is that battery going to start that car in cold weather.

Just purchased a Chev Uplander. Ran good for the first two weeks and now it won't start. I heard a solid selenoid "click" with the ignition.