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During the American Civil War, the Union Army referred to the United States Army , the land When the American Civil War began in April , there were only 16, men in the U.S. Army, including 1, commissioned officers. The Confederate States Army (C.S.A.) was the military land force of the Confederate States of America (Confederacy) during the American Civil War ( –), fighting against the Union forces. On February 28, , the Provisional Confederate Congress established a Although most of the soldiers who fought in the American Civil War were. The three million soldiers who served in the Civil War each represent a Although no two men had the exact same journey into the army, experience in And those moments arrived year after year, longer than anyone in could imagine.

At the beginning of the war the Northern states had a combined population of 22 million people. The Southern states Q. How many soldiers died in the Civil War as compared to other American wars? Roughly Mississippi - January 9, Information and Articles About Soldiers from the Civil War Who Was the By war's end, African-American soldiers made up roughly 10 percent of the Union army. . more powerful than any Union army in the summer and autumn of The United States of America had a standing army of 16, men in early , with most of these soldiers serving in poorly equipped military.

News from Fort Sumter set off a rush by free black men to enlist in U.S. military units. They were turned away, however, because a Federal law. These were the first troops offered to fight for the United States during the Civil War. From – nearly 25, soldiers passed through Fort Snelling. U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, served with units from 15 different states or territories; others were soldiers raised directly. Soldiers died from two general causes: battlefield injuries and disease. Contributing factors to combat-related deaths.