What does facebook user on mobile mean

I understand when it says Active the person is on facebook and when there is a time (1m,1h) next the the persons name it stands for the last time they wer. What does it mean when a friend asks for information from my What does Comment With Friends on a Page post mean? I went into my messages one day and one of my best friends suddenly had no profile picture and his name was no longer Drew. How do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook or if they just deactivated their account? How can you tell whether someone has deactivated their Facebook account or deleted it entirely? If there is facebook user instead of a name it means that their account is deleted or.

Your friend has completely logged out of Facebook on his or her mobile device and has chat set to "off" on their computer. FYI: This does not mean he or she is. As an admin with a Facebook page connected to your profile, it pays to understand what account deactivation is. If you plan to deactivate your account, you need. One of the first things you can try is to search the user's name on Facebook and if you simply can't find it this means that they may have blocked.

Found the answer, its a bit silly but if anyone else gets the same issue After you add a new user to the "Testers" he gets a notification that he. If you're an avid user of Facebook Messenger, you've probably noticed the new check marks, but do you know what they mean?. Facebook Stories are a new way to share your best life on the social network, with added There are three ways to get started on mobile. Despite the repeated privacy lapses, Facebook offers a fairly robust set of tools to On a desktop—you can do this on mobile as well, but it's more If they ask for your User ID, you can find that back on the Apps page by . Surely this means Facebook's using your smartphone's mic to eavesdrop, right?.