What is a gravity hill

A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, mystery hill, mystery spot, gravity road, or anti-gravity hill, is a place where the layout of the surrounding land. Also known as gravity hills, these bizarre natural phenomena can be found in places like Confusion Hill in California and Magnetic Hill in. A gravity hill, also sometimes called a magnetic hill, is an interesting phenomenon in action.

Put your car in neutral on one of these hills and one of the laws of physics will turn on its head. Gravity hills are a type of slope where things seem to move against gravity on their own accord. For instance, if water is poured onto the surface of the hill. Many people and organizations have experimented to try and find out what makes your vehicle roll up the gravity hills and they have all seemed to come to the.

Imagine standing at the top of a hill and tossing a ball down the slope, That's the essence of a gravity hill: a slope that seems to defy the laws.