What is bubotuber pus used for

Bubotuber pus is the liquid found in the swellings of the magical Bubotuber plant. It is very valuable for its acne-ridding qualities. It is a thick, yellowish-green. Bubotuber pus is a thick, yellowish green liquid, which smells strongly of petrol. It is very valuable, and can be used as an effective remedy against acne. 'Bubotubers,' Professor Sprout told them briskly. 'They need squeezing. You will collect the pus –'. 'The what?' said Seamus Finnigan, sounding revolted. 'Pus.

The stinky pus of a magical bubotuber plant, used diluted as a cure for acne. Undiluted it can burn the skin, and smells strongly of petrol (GF13). To dilute is to 'reduce the concentration of a substance by adding water or another similar solvent'. It's pretty clear that primary ingredients in Bubotuber Pus . It's pretty clear that primary ingredients in Bubotuber Pus Acne Medication (and other 'beautifying creams') is raw bubotuber pus along with other modifiers.

Bubotubers are the ugliest plants Harry has ever seen, looking like thick black of a yellowish-green liquid, the "pus", which smells strongly of petrol (gasoline). In this book, they are used for two things: first, to show, by making the plants in. Today the class would be learning about Bubotuber Pus, this had to be one of Professor Sprout's favorite What is bubotuber pus used for?". Plant Lore, Part Two: Bubotuber Pus and the Doctrine of Signatures Harry is reading in his Charms book about the 'uses of scurvy-grass.