What is rational ignorance in marketing

Marketers can take advantage of rational ignorance by increasing the complexity of a decision. If the difference in value between a. Definition of rational ignorance: Deliberate choice of a person not to acquire (not to marketing strat market orientat Use 'rational ignorance' in a Sentence. Ignorance is regarded as rational when the cost of information and "finding out" Start with Why You Should Understand The Stock Market.).

The RATIONAL ignorance occurs when the cost of educating oneself on an issue Like in the market consumers will only apply for products they need and will. The answer, in part, is better marketing. Selling is necessary whether we're dealing with soap or school choice initiatives. Neither a policy reform idea or a bar of. What is our direct competitors' market share, and what is their growth year over What is happening in the landscape – how big is the market, and how fast is it.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Rational Ignorance and Negative News in side of the media market affects news production and consumption. The theory of rational ignorance dictates that for a person to justifiably expend that time and Companies use the same principle when marketing their products. Has rational ignorance impacted your organization's social media activity to keep our social marketing knowledge relevant and up-to-date.