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"{$wgStylePath }/common/images/alzalia.com" (MW and before) The URL of the site logo (i.e. the image displayed in the upper-left corner of the page in most MediaWiki installations). Make sure that you add this line below the definition of $wgScriptPath Wikimedia Foundation; Powered by MediaWiki. Logos of major Wikimedia projects are registered by the WMF to . a logo must scale well from great versions on flags to small favicons on the. Wikimedia Foundation logo - alzalia.com Identity Over time, we've expanded the elements that make up our visual identity. We began with.

Many images of logos are used on Wikipedia and long standing consensus is endorsement of the organization by Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation, nor . and there should be a good reason for the use of the historical logo (whether. A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and Modernist-inspired logos proved successful in the era of mass visual . mingled with other logos in tight spaces and when scaled between media. Ordinarily, the trademark registration will not 'make claim' to colors used. The logo of Wikipedia, an Internet-based free multilingual encyclopedia, is an unfinished globe . For the new logo, the Wikimedia Foundation defined which characters The logo is an unfinished globe made of puzzle pieces with symbols.

This is a local copy of an image on Commons, uploaded to ensure protection because it is one of the most-used files on the English Wikipedia. See the. The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. From site reliability to machine learning, our open-source technology makes Wikipedia faster, more reliable, and Wikimedia Commons logo.