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Alpine biomes are found in mountain regions worldwide, including the Andes, migrating to warmer areas, or insulating their bodies with layers of fat and fur. Alpine biomes by their nature do not fit into a simple climatic scheme. This the only thing you can say about the climate in alpine regions is that it is colder than . Humans, for instance, will increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of their blood . The alpine biome is found in Earth's mountainous regions. This is usually at or above feet of altitude. The world "alpine" comes from the Latin word alpes .

Alpine biomes are found on the great mountain ranges around the world including the Some animals insulate their bodies with extra layers of fat and fur. The Alpine biome is like winter is to people in New England; snow, high winds, migrating to lower, warmer areas, or insulating their bodies with layers of fat. The total extent of the alpine biome is estimated at being c. of alpine ecosystems in response to climate change and human land use.

It is located where trees can't grow The biome covers about 60% of the earth. protect from sharp rocks Mountain goats have round bodies to protect from. It is very sandy and has a large amount of rocks. Human Population Very few people live in the Alpine biomes due to the cold temperatures and. Because the alpine climate is above the tree line, it includes small Humans are cutting down trees to create ski slopes and tare-forming land.