Where did goanna pulling originate from

A meeting was held after the sports ground was completed to hold a Goanna Pulling Championships on the Long weekend of June th June It was for . Goanna Pulling Festival is probably not what you think. Goannas are Australian lizards, but this event does not involve pulling these little creatures. The event. Apr 15, Goanna pulling is a crazy intense Australian sport. Today, it's broken into The game originated in Wooli, Australia in The Goanna event.

May 3, MULTIPLE Australian Goanna Pulling heavyweight champion and referee Tank Phillips is devastated the iconic annual event at Wooli won't go. Oct 3, HOOKED: John Causley (left) is keen and ready to defend his 81kg division title at tomorrow's Australian National Goanna Pulling. May 2, Glen Gilmore of Wooli is competing in the annual Australian Goanna Pulling Championships at Wooli sports grounds on Sunday 2nd October.

The Australian National Goanna Pulling Championships, based in Wooli, has. Feb 4, Goanna Pulling is a unique sport played every year in the town of Wooli, NSW, Australia, during the annual Goanna Pulling Championships. Jun 10, The sport of Goanna Pulling is a kind of tug-of-war in which contestants use their heads instead of their hands.