Where does the 53 block cracking

Between and , the Cummins 24v engine blocks with casting # 53 were manufactured by the Brazilian company, TUPY. The # 53 block casting has inherently thin water jacket walls that are susceptible to cracking. It has been approximated that some , 24 valve Cummins ISB. If you have a 53 block let me know if it cracked or not and how many Only a small percentage crack but it isnt a cheap fix if yours does crack. I hope this will answer all of your questions about the 53 block and the issues surrounding it. Simply, the worry is that the block will crack.

I have a 99' and have heard about blocks with a 53 on them having an issue with cracking. How do I know if I have a 53 block? What causes. However, according to several sources, the thickest block known to crack measured. the standard thickness from cummins was supposed. 5 has a 53 block with , kms (, k) If you tow heavy or mod the engine fo more power you will increase the chances of cracking. Lots of methods .

[Archive] how bad is the 53 block Technical Info: 2nd Gen 24 VALVE 53 blocks have thicker walls in the area that normally cracks (11mm vs. After years of use, the 53 blocks tend to crack until coolant starts to pour out the side of the block. This is an issue that many people kid themselves about. Is this a common problem that eventually impacts all "Block 53" Cummins engines or a relatively uncommon event that gets blown out of.