Who is suing whom in alberta

EDMONTON—An Alberta First Nation that's suing the province and federal government is asking a court to force them to pay all trial expenses. You can start your action in any Provincial Court office in Alberta. . You will receive a Civil Claim which tells why you are being sued, by whom, and for how. A 14 year old Alberta girl is being sued by a home owner after the home in which she was sitting went on fire. Fortunately no one was hurt but.

Leilani Muir made history suing Alberta over forced sterilization her birth certificate was Earl Draycott, whom her mother had married in Alberta: A Calgary woman is suing a local concert promoter, Bryan Taylor of Concerts North, accusing him of fraud. According to the suit. Alberta: A woman is suing the Alberta government for revealing her true identity after she spent years building a new life under a different name.

A top Alberta judge and her husband are being sued over allegations they breached a multi-million dollar real estate deal in West Vancouver. Former medical examiner sues Alberta government for defamation He said that after Dr. Annie Sauvageau, whom he had not supported to be. Harassment Law – Suing Employers, Others Who Harass: Alberta Harassment of individuals whom a spouse, common law partner or other. For example, if you were suing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, your style of cause would read Canada The RCMP is Alberta's Provincial Police Service.