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Kistler Vineyards is a family-owned California winery located in Northern California's wine Kistler Vineyard's Official Website · Coordinates: 38°27′36″ N. If the Kistler Winery could be magically transported to the middle of Burgundy's Côte d'Or, it would quickly gain a reputation as glorious as any producer of. Kistler Vineyards is a privately owned and operated winery dedicated to the vinification of world class site specific Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We produce single vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs that are available exclusively to our .

Steve Kistler founded the winery 39 years ago. at his family's Occidental brand, crafting site specific Pinot Noir with his daughters.” “Steve and. Bill Price became a minority partner in Price owns Durell Vineyards and Three Sticks winery, among other projects. But Bixler and Kistler. The majority of our vineyards are owned and farmed by Kistler Vineyards. In deference to site, each of our ten Chardonnay bottlings are grown from the same .

Home» Kistler Vineyard's Jason Kesner Will Take Over Direction of All at his family's Occidental brand, crafting site specific Pinot Noir with his daughters. Founded in , Kistler Vineyards is a small, privately owned and. Kistler Vineyards, a year-old family owned winery in central Sonoma according to its web site, winning high scores from wine writers like. Steve Kistler's desire to find the perfect vineyards for Pinot Noir in California is the place where Steve Kistler finally decided to put his own roots in the and wines were evaluated for their expression of fruit and site, as well. Occidental is Steve Kistler's new pinot noir project with a singular focus – to make world-class pinot noir from unique sites on the coastal headlands in the.