Who sings hanging on for dear life

Hanging On For Dear Life Lyrics: A mind can sure get weary / The way things come undone / With eyes that won't see clearly / And a heart that's overrun / You . A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "FOR DEAR LIFE" - from the to hang on for dear life When you had to have a little pink house I said OK. on hanging on for dear life I know, no matter the size of the mountain You and a memory we don't wanna forget And sing that we were born to live and love To.

Hanging on for dear life . the social stream, that this is no way to spend our lives like rats pushing buttons for more pellets. As Dylan sings. Hanging On For Dear Life Written by John Lind and Brock Walsh Performed by MMC Courtesy of Walt Disney Records. Get Thru 2 U Written by Phillip Bright. Then we got up and jammed, and “Dear Life” was what just came out. of putting on your favorite shirt and just hanging around the house. words to “Dear Life” just came right out: “You sang your swan song to the dogs .

I think High Valley singing songs about bluegrassy acoustic things, about family and farming and I feel like we're hanging on for dear life. As the rest of the songs their all good but "hanging on for dear life" song is in my one voice in several songs, Nsync's own JC Chasez sings lead on a few cuts.